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// it is who it is when it is...

all right let's see here...

early early early on, blake made a recording using an old analog Radio Shack tape recorder of various atonal piano notes and assorted, mostly anoying, repetitive sounds around the house. this was in high school and likely for a class called videography. blake labeled the cassette in careful script...Sound Art.


mike (blake's high school pal) brought blake to meet nick & john who were producing mike's record in chris' studio. blake became the executive producer and did the cover artwork releasing mike's Spontaneous Repetition Part Six

independently.  then nick & john co-produced another project for blake, working with frank & anthony (as well as keith) on FL!NG LO!S. while frank later went to nashville (literally & figuratively,) frank & blake did continue to work together on some of frank's projects. in another universe blake had requested the fling lois folks to cook up a song for a comic book he was working on with his friends ross & mike called the STROBE WARRIOR...

unfortunately, due to flaws in the space-time continuum, it didn't show up until the year 3017...


meanwhile, john continued his musical journey at multiple locations and nick & blake opened a studio. during this time nick & blake produced a record for joe and started another lil' indie label. nick & john also introduced blake to larry who recorded a record with nick & blake (and also with john but seperately from nick & blake.) nick & blake recorded tons of stuff for tons of folk but eventually closed the door on the studio and that chapter. a bit after that, larry & blake kinda managed a very successful studio where lots of famous tracks by lots of famous folk got made...but whatever...


a little bit later, blake asked john if blake could re-release blake's favorite of john's records, "It's Out There Feeding On Itself." john said yes, giving life to Realized @ 21 Walnut. (to this day a blake fav.)  near abouts around that time blake also got john to do a soundtrack for a book of blake's digital paintings called WIP2.


sometime in the middle of all that blake had met janet and janet and blake made dylan. over the years dylan got good at playing drums and making music...


finally, after years and years of thinking about it and talking about it and eating japanese food, blake asked john to record a project he had in his head...FEAR (the soundtrack to another book of digital paintings by blake.) instead of just pressing the record button though, john became more of a partner on the project and dylan helped out on a few tunes as well. blake invited anthony to play guitar on it too. well then, there it is...SoundArt,Inc.// along the way some, additional pieces were produced and so on and so forth dot dot dot


Participants by item...


Gannon Fire, Pt. I (single) // 10/8/13

1) Gannon Fire, Pt. I // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals, John Tabacco & Dylan Seals


FEAR (EP) // 11/12/13

1) F.E.A.R. // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals & John Tabacco

2) The Enemy Within // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals, John Tabacco & Dylan Seals

3) The Weapon // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals & John Tabacco with guest guitar acrobatics by Anthony Pomes

4) Witch Hunt // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals & John Tabacco

5) Gannon Fire, Pt. I // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals, John Tabacco & Dylan Seals

6) FEAR // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals & John Tabacco


Gannon Fire, Pt. II (single) // 12/18/13

1) Gannon Fire, Pt. II // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals & John Tabacco 


Gannon Fire, Pt. III (single) // 3/26/14

1) Gannon Fire, Pt. III // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals & John Tabacco

2) Band Practice // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals & John Tabacco with guest guitar loopage by Anthony Pomes


Gannon Fire, Pt. 465 (single) // 9/11/14

1) Gannon Fire, Pt. 465 // composed by Nicholas Blake Seals, John Tabacco & Dylan Seals


to be continued...

Band Practice - Sound Art Inc.

©2019 Nicholas Blake Seals

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